What is an Ultrasonic humidifier?

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Air-O-Swiss 7135 humidifier

What is an ultrasonic humidifier?

An ultrasonic humidifier is one of the different kinds of humidifiers on the market.

Humidifiers work to maintain proper moisture levels in the air. Having humidity in the air is vitally important and can reduce the effects of colds, stop nosebleeds, stop chapped lips and even help your furniture to last longer. An ultrasonic humidifier, like other types of humidifiers, works to make your home more comfortable and maintain a good balance of moisture in the air. Each type of humidifier comes with its own unique benefits, and so it’s important to understand which humidifier is right for you.

An ultrasonic humidifier will reduce many of the bad effects of cold weather. It will help you feel comfortable around the house during winter and even help you reduce bills since moist air allows warm air to circulate easier. The house itself will also benefit, since the natural moisture levels required for your furniture, wallpaper and wooden floors to stay protected for a longer period of time cannot be achieved in most climates. For this reason, an ultrasonic humidifier can be a great addition to your home.

Humidifiers are broken down into two basic categories: warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers. Cool mist humidifiers can then be divided into two further categories, which are evaporative humidifiers and ultrasonic humidifiers. More sophisticated models also offer both warm mist and cool mist options, meaning you do not even have to decide!

Whether you prefer evaporative or ultrasonic will depend on your own preferences, but ultrasonic humidifiers have many advantages which appeal to people.

Why buy a humidifier?

Humidifiers are useful during cold, dry winter months. During this time, excessively low humidity occurs and a humidifier can help achieve a healthier balance of moisture in a room or building. Moisture in a room is essential for staying healthy. If you suffer from dry skin, chapped lips, cough symptoms and other things generally associated. Most homes will suffer from an imbalance of moisture, especially during winter months, and so most people can benefit from purchasing a humidifier for their home.

In winter, having a humidifier is a very sensible idea. In summer, also, in particularly dry regions, homes and families can benefit from what a humidifier will do for their home. Most people find that winter is the time of year they most rely on their humidifier. When cold air is heated indoors, humidity levels can drop drastically below the required level. Low humidity brings with it a series of unwanted health effects related to the dryness in the air. This in turn can exasperate symptoms that are already troubling, such as colds or allergies. By restoring the balance of humidity, you’ll feel much more comfortable around the house and your skin can get a healthy glow.

How ultrasonic humidifiers work

Like any humidifier, the ultrasonic humidifier features a water reservoir that is then turned into moisture to improve the humidity levels in your home. Unlike evaporative humidifiers, however, ultrasonic humidifiers do not rely on a wick and a fan to create moisture and therefore are often quieter. Inside each ultrasonic humidifier there is a tiny metal plate that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency.

This tiny plate’s vibrations are so powerful that they can break apart the water particles inside the unit’s reservoir. Once the particles are broken apart they become a cool vapor. Your ultrasonic unit will then emit this vapor as a fine, invisible mist into your room. The effect of this is to bring about a healthier balance of humidity in your room.

Why choose an ultrasonic humidifier?

Whether you will prefer an evaporative humidifier or an ultrasonic humidifier is basically down to personal preference. Some people value certain things when searching for the humidifier for them, and so it’s important to take a few things into consideration. These are mainly things like cost, noise levels, potential issues with dust, bacteria and mineral build up and, finally, appearance.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are the most popular kind of humidifier on the market today, and that is because of their versatility, their efficiency and the level of options you get when you purchase one. In comparison, evaporative humidifiers are somewhat less sophisticated, and are less easy to adjust.


The cost of your humidifier will obviously vary depending on the level of sophistication of the model you choose. One notable consideration when choosing between an ultrasonic humidifier and an evaporative humidifier is that the initial outgoing will be more for the ultrasonic humidifier than the evaporative humidifier. Evaporative humidifiers generally are much simpler in their technological scope and therefore the initial outlay is relatively small. Ultrasonic humidifiers, on the other hand, can be very sophisticated models that include various extras and the option to choose between warm mist and cool mist humidifier options.

On the other hand, the cost of maintenance kind of balances out the first costs when you consider the overall long term cost of repairs and upkeep. Changing the filters of you evaporative filter over time does cost extra money, and so some may prefer to pay more upfront for a longer lasting unit that only requires a regular cleaning. In that case, the ultrasonic humidifier should be the one you choose.


Since most people will want to put their humidifier in a bedroom or living room, noise is an extremely important consideration when buying an evaporative or ultrasonic humidifier.

Should noise be of vital importance to you, it would be prudent to opt for an ultrasonic humidifier since some, like the PowerPure 5000 Ultrasonic Humidifier, are extremely silent and will not impact upon your night’s sleep or you relaxing in your living room. If this is not your priority and you’re more concerned about price, the evaporative humidifier could be the one, but do note that owning the the fan system inside this type of humidifier that it’s almost impossible for the evaporative humidifier to be completely quiet while it’s running.

Health issues

Owing to the way they function, ultrasonic humidifiers require fairly regular maintenance and upkeep in order to keep them clean. If this does not happen, there is the risk that the humidifier will build up levels of minerals in the unit. Without a good, clean filter this can turn into dust that may trigger allergies or cause illness.

The best way to avoid this is by firstly using distilled water. Since water that comes from the tap is often mineral water, the build up can stem from this. You can also check your humidifier for a decalcification filter. Some come with them, while some allow you to buy one separately and connect them.


Personal taste is obviously the deciding factor when it comes to design, and clearly the look of your house will have some impact on which humidifier your would like to invest in. While it is difficult to say if one style of humidifier is more aesthetically pleasing than the other, it is fair to say that reviews in general are more favorable when speaking about the design of ultrasonic humidifiers. Since the units come with more functionality and a greater level of sophistication, more time and effort is invested in the design, also, and some more modern ultrasonic humidifiers are sleek looking things that people enjoy to have in their room.

Choosing between an evaporative and ultrasonic humidifier

If cost is your primary concern when choosing between an evaporative and ultrasonic humidifier, you may decide that the evaporative humidifier is the one for you. However, if you are willing to splash out a little more and spend your money on a humidifier that will last a long time, look better in your house and have the potential to be quieter, the ultrasonic humidifier might just be worth the extra bit of cash.

Which ultrasonic humidifier is the one for me?

There are many ultrasonic humidifiers on the market, and choosing the one for you will require a little shopping around. You can check out our article on the Top 10 Ultrasonic Humidifiers to give you some hints and tips. Here are some of our best picks.


PowerPure 5000 Ultrasonic Humidifier

The PowerPure 5000 is one of the best ultrasonic humidifiers on the market. Its sleek, jet black appearance makes it a great addition to any room. Like all the best ultrasonic humidifiers, it has warm mist or cold mist functionality, so if you have children you can ensure their safety with the cold mist function.

Another fantastic aspect of this humidifier is its range. It can fill large rooms (up to 700 square feet) without making noise. It features a remote control that gives you the ability to adjust it to your desired humidity levels in the room, while the LCD display screen lets you know the relative humidity levels and temperature. For your safety there is an auto shut off feature, so when water levels are low the humidifier will turn off.

The PowerPure 5000 Ultrasonic Humidifier will likely please anyone looking for an ultrasonic humidifier.

Best on a budget

PuraSense Ultrasonic Humidifier

This is not the most sophisticated humidifier, but it is inexpensive and has some nice little extras. It boasts an oil tray, which is not something that comes with every humidifier. This means that you can put your chosen essential oil into the sponge in a little tray, and the air that is emitted from the humidifier will be scented. Another feature is that it has a seven color changing light, which can be used as a bedside light in your bedroom.