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Vornado Ultra3 Ultrasonic Humidifier

March 8, 2016 • By


Vornado Ultra3 Ultrasonic Humidifier    

If you are looking for a humidifier for a large space then the Vornado Ultra3 Ultrasonic Humidifier is a great option. Thanks to its unique combination of both ultrasonic technology and fan power, it can quickly fill a room with moisture and has a great range.

With regular ultrasonic humidifiers,  often the range is not so great since the mist that is pushed out has very little propelling force. in an ultrasonic humidifier a small plate moves at an ultrasonic speed which breaks up the water in the tank so it becomes a vapor. With this humidifier this vapor is pushed out with fan power and therefore can reach all over a large room.

The Basics

The Vornado Ultra3 Ultrasonic Humidifier is quite unique among humidifiers since it features both ultrasonic technology and powerful fan circulation. This means that mist dispersion can be increased by turning on the fan. The result is highly effective. Humidity levels in a room are raised quickly and maintained effectively. The unit also uses an internal hygrometer which helps to maintain the level of humidity at the chosen setting.

Another great feature of this humidifier is that mist is pushed upwards to ceiling. This has the effect of distributing the mist evenly throughout the room, therefore avoiding the build up of moisture on specific surfaces.

The Vornado Ultra3 Ultrasonic Humidifier  Has an array of extra features. These extra features are all controlled by a simple panel and remote. That is an off on button, a button to adjust the speed of the fun, and a button to select your desired humidity level. The humidifier can also self regulate humidity levels if needed.

One major drawback of this humidifier is that it is rather loud. This should come as no surprise considering the name of the company is “Vornado”. should you put the unit on a medium or high settings you may not find it possible to sleep through the noise, particularly if you are a light sleeper.

This humidifier isn’t the easiest to clean since there are a few niggly areas that are difficult to reach. The location of the fan, for example, makes it difficult to clean the base since water could make its way into the parts. You will also need to factor in replacing the mineral cartridge every couple of months if you don’t use distilled or purified water.

The Verdict

If you are concerned with noise, this humidifier may not be the one for you since it is quite loud. This can disturb people that are light sleepers, or cause problems if you have children since they can be easily awoken by the noise of the fan.

If the noise isn’t a big concern for you, however, you will find the Vornado Ultra3 a great choice since it is extremely effective in raising the humidity of a room, and its extra features are very useful. It’s a little more costly than some of the other humidifiers on the market, but if you have a large living space it may be worth taking a look at this humidifier.