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The Health Benefits of Humidifiers

February 29, 2016 • By


During the cold winter months, the air in your home becomes dry, and turning the heat up only makes it worse. Dry air can cause various health issues including irritated nasal passages, breakouts on your skin. Various infections and bacteria also thrive in the dry conditions. Without adding moisture into the air in your home, you and your family are more prone to illness. And once you are sick, recovering in dry air condition can be a nightmare.

But there is a solution, and it is getting a humidifier. By emitting water vapours or steam into the air to increase the moisture levels in the room at the right humidity level – between 30 and 50 percent – your home can become a healthy one. From helping ease symptoms of a cold and flu, to helping you sleep better and avoiding dry skin, a humidifier has numerous benefits. Here are the numerous health benefits that a humidified can bring you and your family:

Reduce The Risk Of Infection
Having a humidifier in your home  could mean the difference between getting the flu and remaining healthy. By adding moisture into the air with a humidifier it filters out viruses and bacteria, and prevent them from spreading. Moisture has the ability to prevent the movement of germs as they combine with this moisture making them to heavy to float around in the air. Once moisture is added viruses and bacteria instantly stops and drops which in effect helps prevent  the spread of illnesses and infection.

Studies have shown that by raising the indoor humidity in your home or office to a level of at least 43 percent, it will make approximately 85 percent of airborne bacteria and viruses that cause infection to be ineffective. Another way a humidifier reduces the risk of infection is by allowing the tiny hairs in your nose to move, which also filters out any bacteria or viruses that are still in the air.

Soft & Vibrant Skin
If your skin is dry, cracked and chipped, adding moisture into the cold, dry air of your bedroom, can add life back into it. Dry air extracts the moisture from your skin, which causes all kinds of problems including dryness, dullness, flaking, and accelerated ageing (wrinkles). Blasting the heat throughout your home during the winter months also dries out the air, and can leave your skin feeling tight and itchy. During these cold months you might also get chapped lips which can be extremely painful, but by sleeping with your humidifier on at night, it helps prevent all of the above effects. By adding a humidifier to your home, you can prevent all of these damaging effects, and leave you with soft, vibrant skin.

If you suffer from horrible breakouts on your skin, this could also be caused by dry air. When the air dries out the sensitive skin on your face, your oil production kicks up and may cause blemishes. Keeping the correct humidity levels in your home helps prevent acne. Combine the use of the humidifier with applying moisturizer specific to your skin type to further keep your skin looking amazing, and breakout-free.

Faster Healing
If you are unfortunately sick already, a humidifier can be a valuable addition to your home. Whether you have a cold, sinus infection, or the flu, a humidifier can soothe the discomfort and suffering caused by these illnesses. When the air is too dry your sinuses don’t drain and function correctly leaving you feel blocked up and in pain. Some ENTs say that by using a humidifier and adding moisture into the air is generally good for your sinus health, and soothes irritation of nasal passages including dry nasal passages, throat and bronchial tubes, and helps you breathe when you have a chest, nose and throat infections.

By keeping your nasal passages and your throat moist, a humidifier will help you heal faster. It reduces the symptoms of illness such as coughing and sneezing. Humidifiers also soothes is allergies by purify the air to get rid of anything that might irritate their nose, eyes or skin.

Preserves Your Voice
Waking up with a groggy voice in the morning means that dry air is getting to your vocal cords. Keeping your vocal cords supple and well lubricated allows them to vibrate and produce the best sound. The best lubrication for your vocal chords is by drinking plenty of water, but at night that could lead to various toilet breaks throughout the night, and a “drink some water” alarm clock going off throughout the night too.

By keeping the air moist in your room, especially while you sleep, can rehydrate your vocal chords. Hydrated vocal chords not only aids getting your voice back, and also maintains your voice. In the long run, this can serious voice problems, and even cause you to lose your voice for long periods of time, especially if you are a singer. Preventing this uncomfortable, morning voice is as easy as sleeping with a humidifier in your bedroom overnight.

Improves Sleep
Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important to your health. Sleep deprivation can lead to higher risk of chronic health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and even causing you to get a stroke. So having to share a bed with someone who snores can be detrimental to your health. Forget trying to turn your partner on their side during the early hours of the morning, or blocking the noses with a clothes peg, there is an easier way to get them to stop snoring, and it’s called a humidifier.

Snoring is caused by low moisture levels in your nose and soft palate, so by adding moisture to a room with  humidifier, you can easily stop the snoring all together. By adding this moisture to a room, it helps fight off the dryness that leads to snoring. This in turn will have you and your partner enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep.

Getting a humidifier can also help you sleep easy. By adding moisture to the air, it also makes a room feel warmer, which can encourage a good night’s sleep. If you have a have a baby or toddler in your home, setting up a humidifier in their room will help them sleep and feel better too. Babies are more comfortable and sleep better in a humidified environment.

Prevents Nose Bleeds
Dry nasal passages lead to nosebleeds. If anyone in your family suffers from regular nosebleeds, especially in winter, it would  be beneficial to you to get a humidifier. This amazing appliance is adds moisture to the air that lubricates the nasal passages which prevents nosebleeds. Those who suffer from this unpredictable occurrence have found that owning a humidifier makes an outrageous difference in preventing nosebleeds.

Keeping Your Humidifier Clean To Stay Healthy
Even though a humidifier can be extremely beneficial to your health, if not cleaned and maintained, it can have the opposite effect. But be cautious as even though this amazing appliance is useful, it can also make you get sick if it is not maintained properly, or if the humidity levels remain too high. Prone to growing mildew and mold if it is not cleaned or maintain, a humidifier that is not kept in a spotless condition can quickly become detrimental to your health. These health issues include causing asthma attacks, agitating allergies, and causing a illness called humidifier lung that causes lung inflammation. Here are three tips to help you maintain your humidifier and keep it clean:

By using distilled or demineralized water, you can save yourself a lot of work. Regular tap water has minerals that create buildup in your machine. These buildups promote bacterial growth which can be released into the air through the humidifier. Distilled and demineralized water contain fewer minerals and will save you from having to clean your appliance as often.

Clean your humidifier once a week as it will be easier to clean. Putting this weekly task off can lead to a bacteria and mold buildup which can cause serious health issues.

It is also important to change filters regularly. If your humidifier has a filter, follow the manufacturer’s directions for changing it.

Whether you’re suffering from allergies or dry skin, having a humidifier in your home is an essential part of looking and feeling better. This appliance is a real lifesaver for anyone prone to getting sick, especially for parents who have babies or toddlers. By illuminating the bacteria and viruses that cause infection, you and your family will have less risk of getting sick. And if you are sick already, this incredible appliance will soothe all your aches and pains. Plus your skin will be looking and feeling radiant and breakout-free.

Getting a healthier home is as easy as adding a humidifier to it. It is most cost effective, long-term solution to ensure that you and are family healthy. Avoid the winter sickness blues, dry skin and nose bleeds, and buy yourself a humidifier to keep your health in tip top shape.