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Sunbeam Warm Steam Vaporizer Humidifier

March 8, 2016 • By

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Sunbeam Warm Steam Vaporizer Humidifier

If you are not looking to spend an arm and a leg on your humidifier, the Sunbeam Warm Steam Vaporizer Humidifier is a fantastic option. The unit should cost between $20 and $30 dollars which, for everything you get, is a steal.

During the winter months a warm mist humidifier can be a great option for relieving the symptoms of colds and flus, and helps you to stay warm. A warm mist humidifier will heat water in its reservoir until it boils and vaporizes. The heat then moves the moisturized air around the room, which means the warmth of the room is maintained and the level of moisture improved.

A warm mist humidifier also helps you stay warm in winter months, and can reduce the cost of your energy bill since humid air feels warmer than dry air.

The Basics

As mentioned, the Sumbeam 1388-800-001 is well worth buying if you are looking for a cheap, reliable and functional warm mist humidifier. It has a 1 gallon water tank which is a great amount for the cost of the unit.

Unfortunately the tank Is filter-free, and so it is a good idea to purchase a filter on top of the humidifier if you want to keep it in a good condition and avoid mineral build up in the unit itself. This is especially important if you live in a hard water area, as this kind of water can easily cause problems with your unit. One way to avoid this is to always use distilled or purified water.

If you use purified or distilled water, you can expect an impressive running time from  the Sumbeanm 1388-800-001. 24 hours should be easily achievable, and with purified water you could leave your humidifier running for 28 hours.

Another great aspect of the Sunbeam 1388-800-001 is its design. This is a sleek, round, small unit that will not look out of place in any room. Compared to most humidifiers it will blend into your living room or bedroom with ease. The round design also means it is hard to knock over, which is a problem with many warm mist humidifiers as once they are knocked over the hot water can be a danger or a hazard for children.

The Verdict

The Sunbeam Warm Steam Vaporizer Humidifier 1388-800-001 is not one of the most powerful, quiet or fancy units out there. However, we rate it highly since it is so cheap, easy to use and nicely designed. It has auto shut off features which means you don’t have to worry about leaving it on, and its round design makes it safer than most warm mist humidifiers.

The real selling point of this humidifier is undoubtedly the price tag. If you already own a humidifier and are looking for one for a different room, or if you aren’t sure you want a humidifier, then this is a great option since the price tag means you are not risking much in purchasing it.