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Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier

March 8, 2016 • By


Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier

Keeping the right balance of humidity in your home is essential during dry winter months and blazing summers. Dry air can cause nosebleeds, coughs, cracked lips and much more, so increasing the levels of moisture in the air can alleviate these troubles and leave you with a warm, healthy glow. The Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier helps you to achieve a healthier living environment in your home by maintaining a healthy humidity level.

The Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier is fairly quiet, and so works well for those looking to use it in a bedroom or a child’s room. Unless you are a particularly light sleeper, you will find it aids your sleep and, unlike many other humidifiers, does not make too much noise to disturb you or your family as you sleep. It is not, however, almost silent as some humidifiers on the market are, so if you are easily woken up at night you may want to seek something even quieter out.

This humidifier comes with a baby mode and a night mode. These modes are designed to fit specific situations and make the Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier particularly versatile. The night mode, for example, runs at 50% relative humidity to begin with and then, during its 8 hour duration, slowly decreases the humidity level.

The range of the humidifier is 500 square feet, meaning it can be used in almost all large rooms. It may not be as attractive as other humidifiers on the market, but the design is not intrusive and it can therefore be placed in a living room or master bedroom without too much concern.

With the Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier in your home, you can avoid all the setbacks that come with dry air during winter and, thanks to its Warm Mist Function, you will not have to worry about bacteria getting into your steam. The Warm Mist Function boils the water at 95 degrees to guarantee bacteria-free steam. This also speeds up the output somewhat, meaning once it is turned on your humidifier will quickly get to work increasing the moisture in your room.

A great feature of the Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier is its runtime, which is 24 hours. This means you will not have to constantly be attending to your humidifier to stay healthy and happy in your home. It can release over 2 gallons of humidity per day, and has a capacity of 1.5 gallons.

You are advised not to place the humidifier on a unit or surface that is susceptible to water damage since there can be residue mist.

Other setbacks of the Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier include the amount of maintenance required to keep it in its optimal condition. Ideally the unit is cleaned every day, and you are supposed to clean the vaporization compartment every other day with vinegar and water. While it may not be a strict rule, rather just a recommendation by the company, for most people with families that is a little too much to ask and may put unnecessary pressure on customers.