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EssickAir® 13 Gallon Evaporative Console Humidifier

March 8, 2016 • By

AIRCARE® 13 Gallon

EssickAir® 13 Gallon Evaporative Console Humidifier

This is a console humidifier, which means it maintain levels of humidity in very large areas – up to 2700 square feet, to be exact. I was looking for a humidifier that would help me out in my shop and was recommended this unit by a friend, and have been suitably pleased with my purchase.

It’s no secret that a humidifier is essential when creating a nice experience for shop-goers, and it was important to me that I purchased one sooner rather than later to allow my customers to breathe healthy, balanced air. Without a humidifier, large spaces like shops or galleries can end up with dry air, which promotes germs, leads to dry skin and shortens the life of furniture.

The Basics

The EssickAir 4DTS-300 Humidifier boasts a dual 2.75 gallon water tank and a strong 9 speed fan. The unit can put out 13 gallons of moisture per day. It boasts easy to use, digital controls and lights that signal to you when you should refill the tank and check the filter for cleaning. Both very useful features. There is also an auto off feature that means when the tank runs out the unit will turn off.

One thing I really like about this humidifier is the faux-oak wood  grain casing. It means it looks great in my shop and doesn’t stand out as a cumbersome appliance like some of the other models I saw would. I suppose in some rooms it wouldn’t quite look so good as it depends on the individual style of the room, but from the pictures of the unit you can tell whether the design is for you or not. The digital display is also very easy to use and does not complicate anything about the unit. Another great bonus is the fact that the unit comes with wheels, which makes moving it around relatively easy.

Some of the drawbacks of the unit include the fact that it can be a little loud when on the higher fan settings. I simply use music when the shop is open so you can’t hear the humidifier, but for those looking for silence they may wish to look elsewhere. This is also a large unit and cannot be placed just anywhere, so it’s wise to do some research into the specifications you need.

The Verdict

I’ve been thoroughly satisfied with my purchase and the air in my shop has never felt better. I love the EssickAir 4DTS-300 thanks to its ease-of-use and huge capacity of 5.5 gallons of water in total. It is easy to look after and will only require you to buy a new wick every year or so. Some humidifiers on the market require a lot more care, and when you’re busy trying to run a shop or something similar this can be a real problem. Not so with this humidifier.
It’s extremely powerful, covers a large distance, and will help you sort out any problems you have with dry air. The noise may be a problem for some, but aside from that I have no problem recommending the EssickAir 13 Gallon Evaporative Console Humidifier to anyone.