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7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bedroom Dehumidifier

March 23, 2016 • By

humidifier-bedroom7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bedroom Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a powerful tool that can make your living space much healthier during both the summer and winter months – giving you the kind of weather adaptability you need to face the changing seasons. By extracting the air with high moisture levels from the surrounding area using a fan, a dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air and lowers its temperature. This, in turn, makes your bedroom less humid, more comfortable to live in and allows for a peaceful night’s rest.

A dehumidifier can become an essential appliance in your bedroom and to your home with its numerous benefits for your health. These benefits include the following:

  • It reduces humidity levels, making your home less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, mold and mildew.
  • It is not disruptive to your daily life as it runs quietly and efficiently allowing for the avoidance of sleep deprivation.
  • It reduces odors that can accompany mold and mildew in your bedroom.
  • It reduces the possibility of mold developing on your clothing, furniture, curtains, bed sheets and other linens.
  • It reduces irritation to your skin and your respiratory system – allowing you to breathe easier and feel more comfortable, especially at night.
  • It allows clothing to dry faster.
  • It reduces dust in your bedroom.

There are plenty of great reasons to get yourself a dehumidifier; however, even though now might seem like the perfect time to buy one, you should take a moment to thoroughly consider the following:


What You Need It For

The full spectrum of  dehumidifiers are used for radically different things. You don’t want to be stuck with an industrial flood-recovery dehumidifier in your bedroom, but rather one that is small and works perfectly at relieving allergy symptoms or prevents mildew in a smaller space. Once you know what you’re going to use your dehumidifier for, you can make a more informative decision when purchasing one and avoid creating a space too dry for your needs.


Know Your Space

It’s important to choose the right size dehumidifier as the unit may not be able to remove enough moisture from the air if it is too small and could remove too much if it is too big. If you get a dehumidifier that is too small for a room, it will waste energy by working too hard and won’t have the longevity that you need. For best results, select the right sized unit based on the square footage of your bedroom.

Home dehumidifiers are rated by their pint capacities which need to be right for the size of your bedroom in which the dehumidifier will be used. Something to keep in mind is that units with a higher pint capacity are more efficient in both moisture removal and energy use.


Shop Around

Make sure you spend some time doing your research on different brands before making your final purchase. Think about what will work best for your particular needs as well as the size of your bedroom. Different brands offer different types of models with different features including design, capacity and draining method. All the different types are designed with the features necessary to resolve humidity issues in their designated spaces. Familiarizing yourself with the different types and their features will help you make an educated purchase. Taking the time to do this might also save you some money down the line.


What Is Your Bedroom Temperature & Humidity Level?

Both indoor temperature and humidity levels affect the performance of dehumidifiers. Using a dehumidifier in a low-temperature space like a garage or basement, you need to make sure that it will continue to operate efficiently in the cold climate. The coils in the unit may freeze up and it could become ineffective. If you need to dehumidify a space with extremely high humidity like a warm bedroom, then you’ll need a high-capacity unit that can handle large moisture loads.


Does It Have a Drain Hose Attachment?

All dehumidifiers collect the water that they remove from the air and you should consider how yours will eliminate this water. Standard dehumidifiers contain buckets that you must empty regularly and automatically shut off when the buckets are full. Most modern dehumidifiers come equipped with drain hose attachments which allow water to drain away without you having to empty buckets. This feature is especially important if you want to use your dehumidifier throughout the night in your bedroom. When purchasing your dehumidifier, for your convenience, make sure it includes a drain hose attachment.


Special Features

Different dehumidifiers come with various special features, so if you are looking to have the coolest dehumidifier on the block, (aside from possibly needing to get out more) you should definitely determine which functions will be indispensable for you. It is important to ask yourself what features you need, and how it would benefit your dehumidifier usage. By knowing what special features some dehumidifiers have, you can find one that suits your bedroom environment better. Here are some important features to be aware of:

  • Ducting: Many dehumidifiers allow for ducting so that you can dehumidify multiple spaces at the same time. Ducting also lets you hide the dehumidifier in a closet or a separate room.
  • Caster wheels or handles: Both of these features allow for easy mobility throughout your bedroom.
  • Humidistats: A humidistat is an electronic device which responds to relative humidity instead of temperature.
  • Controls: For your comfort, remote and digital controls are available to help control your appliance from your tablet, smartphone, or just remotely. With these controls, you can turn the appliance on and off as well as control various other settings without leaving your bed.
  • Integrated timers: If you only want your dehumidifier to remain on for half the day, but you won’t be able to turn it off, you can set the integrated timer so it automatically does so without you having to be there.


Where to Put It

The most important aspects of having a dehumidifier are where you place and install it. You can have the best machine on the market, but it will still be less than useless if you decide to strap it to your bumper. Once you’ve purchased this appliance for your bedroom, you need to know exactly where to put it to get the best results. This simple, but important choice can make a huge difference in comfort and efficiency. For your bedroom, a single dehumidifier is most efficient when placed in the center of a large room with at least a six inch clearance from all sides. By shopping carefully for a dehumidifier and installing it with care, you can get the best results for your bedroom.

With so many health benefits, getting a dehumidifier for your home can save you a lot of money in medical bills and getting someone in to get rid of dust mites and mold. Remember to do your research and shop around to be sure you find the perfect unit that suits all your needs. The installation of this appliance can take your bedroom from being uncomfortable to being a comfortable place all year round.

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5 things to consider when purchasing a bedroom dehumidifier

February 29, 2016 • By


5 things to consider when purchasing a bedroom dehumidifier
When winter rears its ugly head, the moisture levels in the air can become low for a variety of reasons. Firstly, winter air is naturally drier. Secondly, when we turn the heating on inside our homes it can dry out the air and leave it feeling uncomfortable. It is not uncommon for humidity levels in homes to drop below 30 percent. This is not good for you, as for air to be comfortable and healthy during winter it should be between 30 percent and 50 percent.

In order to even out this dryness, many people opt to purchase a humidifier. A humidifier will emit air into your home that has a healthy balance of moisture. This can help your skin feel healthier, and can alleviate many of the common complaints of winter: chapped lips, sinus infections, allergies, nosebleeds and more. Not only that, but your house itself can benefit from having a humidifier as furniture will last longer.

One big advantage of owning a humidifier is that it can help with snoring. That means if you or your partner are snoring, you can both look forward to a decent night’s sleep since the humidifier will lubricate the dry air in your nostrils, making it easier to breathe and eliminating snoring.

Getting a humidifier for your room may immediately sound like a good idea, then, but choosing the right one is a little more difficult than just picking a humidifier for your living room.

Your bedroom is your haven. It’s where you go to unwind. For this reason, a humidifier can help a lot since it can help you sleep, help your skin feel revitalized and make your bedroom a whole lot comfier. If you pick the wrong humidifier, however, you could suffer from sleepless nights thanks to the noise, and you also have to take various other factors into account to make sure you get the right humidifier for your bedroom.

How to pick the right humidifier for your bedroom
When choosing a humidifier for your bedroom, you should take into account 5 major concerns. Here we will look at each concern and why it is important.

Noise levels
If you are a light sleeper, ensuring your humidifier is quiet is essential. Some humidifiers can be rather noisy thanks to their working mechanisms, so be sure to choose one that advertises itself as ultra quiet.

In particular evaporative humidifiers are fairly noisy, since they require a fan to operate. A quieter choice would be an ultrasonic humidifier. Even then, some ultrasonic humidifiers do not run completely quietly, so be sure to read up on which humidifiers are almost silent. Noise includes a gentle hum from the unit, as well as the occasional gurgling sound when water is processed.


The best humidifiers will come with a timer setting. Without this setting having a humidifier run throughout the night can be irritating, since you will have to wake up at some point to turn the humidifier off. With a timer, you can set it for 60 minutes for example, and enjoy the benefits of humidified air for the first hour of your sleep.

Another important feature similar to a timer is an auto-off functionality. This means that when the tank is empty the unit will stop working, meaning you do not have to get up to turn it off or fill it up if you just want to carry on sleeping.

Adjustable humidity settings
Everyone has a different preference for their humidity levels. It is recommended that levels stay between 30 percent and 50 percent, and in your bedroom you will be more sensitive to what is the right level for you. For this reason it is a good idea to buy a humidifier that can adjust to your preferences.

Some humidifiers come with automatic settings that can read the outside temperature and adjust the relative humidity accordingly. This is a great idea for your bedroom as you will be getting the best level of humidity in the air all the time while you sleep.

Size and capacity
Choosing the right size unit is essential in your bedroom. Be sure to check out the coverage of the humidifier before you buy it, and make sure it matches your room. If the unit has a greater coverage than your room and you are unable to set it to a desired relative humidity, you may find that your room is provided with too much moisture. Similarly, if you room is too big for the humidifier, the unit will not give you sufficient coverage.

The capacity of the tank is also important. Some tanks need refilling after just a few hours, and if this is the case you might find your tank emptying while you are sleeping. This means you will have to wake up and refill it if you wish it to keep running. Yawn!

Warm mist or cool mist
This is ultimately a question of personal preference. When purchasing a humidifier, you will have the option of buying a warm mist or a cool mist unit. The easiest way to choose which one is best for you, is to decided on what type of air is easiest for you prefer to breathe.

Each humidifier has its own way of operating and specific reasons why it is better for certain people. Check out our section on warm or cool mist humidifiers for more information.

Since the humidifier will be going in your bedroom, it is important that it not only makes you feel comfortable with the air it emits, but also looks great. When you’re trying to relax or settling down to sleep, you want to feel good in your room and the aesthetics of it are an important part of that. For that reason it is good to find yourself a humidifier that you think blends in with your room. Many humidifiers can be cumbersome and unappealing, so try to seek out one that you think you’d be happy sharing a bedroom with and that suits the design of your bedroom.