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Brune B500 Professional Humidifier

March 8, 2016 • By


Brune B500 Professional Humidifier    

If you’re after a humidifier that can fill a large space with high-level, accurately controlled humidification, the Brune B500 Electric Humidifier will be up your street. This is an advanced console humidifier that is designed to provide the exact levels of moisture you want to large rooms, wine cellars, shop floors or anywhere that dry air is a problem. It has a range of 4200 square feet and a 13 gallon tank.

Humidifiers help to balance the level of moisture in the air and the Brune B500 Professional Humidifier, with its range of options and built in hygrometer, will definitely help you bring a healthy, comfortable level of humidity to your home, shop or other large space.

The Basics

Unlike most humidifiers (particularly portable ones) this German-engineered model has a UV water sterilization capacity. This kills most bacteria, and the lime-scale conversion process also removes minerals and other pollutants. If you add onto that the filtration system, you get a germ-free mist that will help make the air in your room much healthier and more comfortable. Because of the filtration system you can use any tap water, making it much easier to use and maintain that other humidifiers.

Among the many features of this humidifier is the wireless hygrometer. A hygrometer will tell you how much humidity is in the air and this specific one will communicate to the Brune unit these same levels. The unit will then adjust accordingly to deliver the right amount of moisture throughout the room.

The B500 comes with a13.2 gallon water tank so you needn’t refill it quite as regularly as other humidifiers. Despite its capacity and power, it is easy to move around, too.

With all this considered, the Brune B500 Professional Humidifier is comfortably one of the best large-capacity units on the market, and should be high on the list if you’re looking for a humidifier for your home, museum, gallery, office, library, shop, wine cellar or just about any larger space. If the humidifier needs to be on show, it also comes in a range of colors to allow it to blend in.

The Verdict

When you buy a humidifier for a large space it’s a big investment. The wrong humidifier will leave you out in the cold and, worst of all, you will have spent a great deal of money trying it out. We’re confident that this would not be a problem with the Brune B500 Professional Humidifier, which not only looks good enough to blend into your space, but is extremely powerful and easy to use thanks to its built-in hygrometer.

All the extras of the unit really make it stand out among the crowd. The fact that it kills most germs and filters out minerals and more mean it’s extremely easy to maintain and you can trust it. Other humidifiers require much more regular maintenance in order to ensure they do not emit white dust, but with this one you can be sure anyone in the room will enjoy pure air.