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Best Industrial Humidifier

April 5, 2016 • By

Best Industrial Humidifiers

With the increasing requirements of modern high-speed techniques and the increasing internal plant heat, the need for better control of humidity level is quickly gaining importance in many industries. These industries include those that have plant environments like growing plants, vegetables and fruit.

By adding moisture into the large area where these plants are growing like greenhouses and warehouse spaces, many industries can are able to meet the requirements of bringing more outdoor air into the plants that are growing indoors. If this outside air is too dry or cold it can make the humidity indoors too low. Existing plant humidification systems are done through a humidifier, and are often capable of meeting these increased demands. Even though costly, it is a long term solution to a very disruptive and even more costly problem.

With so many industrial humidifier options out there, it is often hard to make an educated decision on what to purchase for your business. To assist you making a well informed decisions, here are our top picks of the best industrial humidifiers on the market.

Ultrasonic Industrial Agricultural Humidifier

With the ability to used anywhere from a farm to a factory, the Ultrasonic Industrial Agricultural Humidifier has a very high humidification capacity. This humidifier can reach up to 15kg/h and has an application area of 150 to 170 meters square and a height of three meters. The humidification efficiency is very high ensuring reliability and quality output. The compact unit has a built in ultrasonic wave machine core that ensures that it operates quietly.

One of the most important features of this humidifier is its low power consumption. This not only saves your business money, but also lowers its carbon footprint. Its compact size is also a huge selling point. Even though it is small, it still works as fast and wide as other humidifiers.


HYDRA-LG Commercial Series Electronic Humidifier

This HYDRA-LG Commercial Series Electronic Humidifier is designed to automatically regulate the humidity inside large area of up to 16 cubic feet in size. With two internal fans and the option of adding three more external fans, the humidification extends even further than it is said to reach. This makes

If knowing the exact level of humidity is important to you, then the LED screen enables easy viewing as the unit reports its humidity reading every 30 seconds. The screen records the humidity in percentage. The humidifier also uses HygroSet® adjustable technology which is unique to HYDRA-LG products. It also has a large capacity water cartridge that also has an audible and visual low water indicator.

If the humidifier is placed high up on a wall, then you can use the handheld remote unit that is on a 54’ long wire. The remote control has basic functions and reports temperature and humidity. It has a toggle switch to turn off/on audible alerts.


GOWE Ultrasonic Industrial Humidifier Machine

This ultrasonic industrial humidifier machine is mostly used to humidify workshops in textile factories and in the paper industry, print industry, tobacco industry, gunpowder industry and mushroom plantings. It is also used in  cotton mill, wooden mill, flax mill, silk mill, knitting plant, chemical plant and non-woven workshop. Lowering the temperature and increasing the humidity in factories, public places and farms, this humidifier has played a huge role in getting a product or space correct.

With a fog volume output of  6kg/h and  humidity from 40-70%, the humidifier is perfect for large spaces as big as 150-200m3. This industrial humidifier also comes with a handheld controller which makes it easier to use and helps your business regulate its humidity in factories, greenhouses and other industry spaces.


Industrial Ultrasonic Mist-Maker Fogger 10 Head Humidifier

Weighing only 2kg, the Industrial Ultrasonic Mist-Maker Fogger 10 Head Humidifier is significant lighter than other industrial humidifiers.The humidifier is also extremely cheaper than other industrial humidifiers, but does not lack the high quality of humidification. With a body that is has arched beveled sides, the humidifier effectively increases the amount of fog produced. The humidifier works up to 10 hours per day and automatically stops working when it runs out of water.

To ensure safety, the unit has been made with stainless steel that has been treated with surface oxidation. For increased lifetime of the humidifier,users of the unit are advised to use clean water, not to touch the atomization tablets when working with it and not to invert the atomizer after power on.


1800ml/hr Commercial Humidifier with 30L Water Tank

There is a few things that this industrial humidifier has that others do not including a industrial timer and humidity settings that allow you to set your desired humidity levels. The humidifier releases 1800ml of moisture per hour and has an impressive 30 litre tank capacity which is larger than any other industrial humidifiers.

This industrial humidifier also has a few different settings including low, medium, high and continuous which can be adjusted to the comfort of the space it is humidifying. The humidifier is able to produce a volume output of 500m3/h, and features adjustable louvers a water funnel that facilitates easy filling.

With so many awesome options on the market, we hope that this list of industrial humidifiers help you to make an informed decision when purchasing. For factory and greenhouse owners, getting an industrial humidifier is a huge benefit to producing a quality products. It not only does having a humidifier help your products, but will also keeps workers working in the areas that are being humidified healthy.