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Aprilaire 500M – Bypass Humidifier 12 GPD with Manual Humidistat

April 1, 2016 • By


Aprilaire 500M – Bypass Humidifier 12 GPD with Manual Humidistat

Almost immediately after installing the Aprilaire 500m I noticed a distinct difference around the house. This unit is excellent value and was absolutely superbly. My home is around 1100 square feet, and this humidifier has had no trouble making the whole place a little more comfortable. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, this unit can work in homes of up to 3000 square feet.

Installation was very straightforward and took very little time at all. I got a professional to install the unit, since otherwise the warranty that comes with Aprilaire products is not valid. He assured me, however,  that it was a simple process and could have been done by myself.

Previously, I have owned portable humidifier around my house. My hope was that with a whole home humidifier it would work out more economical in the long run, since I would not have to consistently replace parts. I also like the fact that I do not have to refill the unit daily or worry too much about mold and bacteria buildup.

The Basics

Aprilaire Happy making products to enhance the comfort of your home  for over 50 years, and the name is well known in the industry. That fills me with confidence when I decided to go ahead and purchase one of their products. Compared to other humidifiers by the same company, this one is slightly more economical and does not have quite the range of, say, the 700M.  That’s fine if you have a smaller home, like me.


The Aprilaire Model 500 is great value, costing around $160. It comes with a built-in bypass damper, meaning there are less parts to install than in other Aprilaire Model units. It comes with fully automatic control, though you can also choose to modify settings and run it manually, if you would prefer. This humidifier has a .50 gallons per hour evaporation rate, which is perfect for a home that is not too big.

The great thing about this humidifier is that microbial growth is prevented. the dream through technology in the humidifier leave no standing water once the humidifier turns off. That means all the water that goes into the humidifier either evaporates or goes down the drain. Since, that for, the water does not stay around for an extended period of time it is extremely unlikely that mold can grow.


Another bonus is that you will only have to attend to the unit annually, which, as I mentioned, was a big problem for me when I used to own portable ultrasonic humidifiers. I was often forget, and this would lead to microbial build up inside the unit.

The Verdict

I think you can’t really go wrong when purchasing an Aprilaire humidifier, and the 500M is an economical and reliable unit that has being a great addition to my home. It is cheaper than some of the other products, which is fine if you are not looking for something complicated or more powerful.