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Aprilaire 400M – Bypass FlowThru Humidifier 17 GPD with Manual Humidistat

March 8, 2016 • By


Aprilaire 400M – Bypass FlowThru Humidifier 17 GPD with Manual Humidistat

I have been searching for a humidifier for a while now, and my friend mentioned Aprilaire to me when I told him about my problem. We live in an area where standing water is a problem, and therefore I was looking for a humidifier that would not lead me to have any troubles with this.

It didn’t take long looking through the Aprilaire catalogue to find the Aprilaire 400M, since it’s the one that helps with water conservation.

Looking around online I saw a number of favourable reviews for this humidifier, and thanks to the recommendation of my friend I was happy to splash out the money and get this humidifier installed for my home.

The basics

Aprilaire produces whole home solutions that seek to improve the living conditions in your home.

The company began in 1954, introducing whole home humidifiers that, at the time, were industry changing. Today the company claims to “lead the way in delivering whole home indoor quality solutions”. Aprilaire products are certainly reliable, and the Aprilaire 400M is no different from what I have experienced. This a bypass humidifier, so check your house is compatible with this option

The Aprilaire Model 400 maximizes the amount of humidity control in the air while using as little water as possible. It is great for households that are in areas where standing water can be a problem as it boasts a drain-free operation system. This also means if you are concerned about wasting water you will find this to be an excellent option.

The Aprilaire 400M Humidifier is an evaporative humidifier. This means that the wick inside the humidifier draws the water from the reservoir back to the top of the humidifier as tiny droplets which are then emitted into the air. This humidifier uses 100% of the water in it without any wastage, making the Aprilaire Model Model 400 one of the most efficient on the market. Furthermore, the Aprilaire 400M is a Whole House Humidifier which means that it can keep your whole house feeling comfortable and with the correct levels of humidity. The Aprilaire 400M is very easy to clean, making it a much more pleasant experience than other, older humidifiers. I was complaining about the cleaning process to my friend, but when he showed me what he has to do to clean his, I quickly realized I was fairly lucky with mine!

When I checked online I noticed some customers of the Aprilaire 400M were struggle balancing humidity levels when only using the blower with hot water. I have not had this problem, so I daresay you will not either should your home be sufficiently sealed and not leaky.

Like all Aprilaire Model units, the Aprilaire 400M is designed so that mold will not build up in your home. The Aprilaire 400M responds to outdoor conditions and keeps a relative humidity level in your home that falls below the amount that is shown to promote the growth of mold. Furthermore, the humidifier will not grow mold inside the unit itself since Aprilaire Model humidifiers are designed specifically to avoid the growth of microbial.

The Manual Humidistat means you can adjust and set your own levels of humidity in your home according to your own needs and desires. This is useful for people that are very specific about their needs, and have experience with humidifiers. I’m not quite so fussy, but that’s probably because so far I’m quite inexperienced. It’s still nice to have, though.

The verdict

With all the benefits that come with the Aprilaire 400M, the relatively low cost of the humidifier (roughly between $150 – $200 on Amazon) makes it a very popular choice. I’ve certainly been very pleased with my purchase, and would recommend this in an instant. You should definitely consider purchasing this humidifier if you live in areas where standing water needs to be avoided, or you are passionate about water conservation.