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Aprilaire 400 Humidifier from Bypass – 17 GPD with Automatic Digital Humidistat

March 8, 2016 • By


Aprilaire 400 Humidifier from Bypass – 17 GPD with Automatic Digital Humidistat

I did a lot of shopping around looking for a humidifier. I’ve been having quite a few problems that people told me could be solved with the purchase of a humidifier, and so I was keen to get the right one. I was suffering from dry skin, and the winter where I live is particularly harsh so I was getting colds regularly, too.

I decided upon the Aprilaire 400 after reading a lot of reviews online. Most people seemed to recommend this unit or the Aprilaire 600 for the size of my home (3000 square feet). In the end, it basically came down to the fact that this unit had the added bonus of efficient water usage, and I figured that can’t hurt as an extra!

The Basics

Aprilaire was a name that was mentioned to me a lot. They’ve been in business for over 60 years and have built a reputation as one of the leading names for in home quality control. It’s easy to see why. The reviews I read around the internet were almost exclusively positive, and when it came to the Aprilaire 400 even more so.

The Aprilaire 400 is for use in a home up to 3000 square feet. It’s a powerful unit that really has no trouble reaching the whole house. Best of all, as mentioned, the model’s efficient water usage means that, unlike other humidifiers I’ve looked at, this one does not drain water. The machine stops the water flow when a cup in the unit gets filled on the bottom. Other units will keep this water flow going even when there is no need.

Installation of the unit seemed fairly straight forward, but I had a professional install mine since that’s the only way you can be sure to get the warranty. This guy also explained to me that the benefit of the automatic humidistat is that the unit responds to the outside temperature and adjusts the indoor humidity levels accordingly. With manual humidistats that is set manually, which would be no good for me.

Like all Aprilaire Model units, the Aprilaire Model 400 is designed so that mold will not build up in your home. All their units are sure to keep a relative humidity level in your home that falls below the amount that is shown to promote the growth of mold. Furthermore, the humidifier will not grow mold inside the unit itself since Aprilaire Model humidifiers are designed specifically to avoid the growth of microbial.

The verdict

I’ve seen in my research that the relatively low cost of the humidifier (roughly between $150 – $200) makes it a very popular choice among customers. If you are passionate about water conservation like me, the Aprilaire Model 400 will certainly be the choice for you.

Since purchasing the Aprilaire 400 I’ve been extremely satisfied with the living conditions in my home, and my problems with dry skin have cleared up. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.