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AIRCARE® Decor Series 12 Gallon EA1201 Console Humidifier

March 8, 2016 • By

AIRCARE® Decor Series 12 Gallon

The AIRCARE® Decor Series 12 Gallon EA1201 Console Humidifier is an evaporative, cold mist humidifier for your entire home. With a coverage of up to 2500 square feet, this high capacity humidifier is suitable for large spaces.

I have a console humidifier at my home, but wanted to buy one for my office. While in my home I have a more expensive model, I was looking for a humidifier that would not quite cost as much but would do a similar job in my office. After searching around online I came across the AIRCARE® Decor Series 12 Gallon EA1201 Console Humidifier and the reviews were generally positive – particularly considering the price.

It is not quite as powerful as some other models I’ve seen, but certainly with the price tag considered it is a worthy purchase and has done the job of making my office a more comfortable place to be.

The Basics
The AIRCARE® Decor Series 12 Gallon EA1201 Console Humidifier offers humidification for your whole home, or a space that’s up to 2500 square feet. It can output up to 12 gallons of moisture per day with its 3.5 gallon capacity. It has 3 filter wicks which give it exceptional effectiveness when humidifying air for your home.

One thing you will notice about the EA1201 compared to other console humidifiers is that it is much smaller and more compact. Its cool charcoal finish with chrome accents make it a trendy humidifier that looks good in your office or room, and thanks to the digital, touch screen control panel it is very easy to use. This displays the humidity levels in your home, as well as the water levels and the status of the wicks. This is extremely useful as it means you do not have to constantly manually check the humidifier, and can respond to its maintenance needs when it tells you it is necessary.

Annoyingly the unit does need cleaning twice a week. This is more than I need to do for my unit at home and can be a little bit of a pain if you forget. It does not have anti-bacterial protection like some other humidifiers and therefore cleaning is essential to prevent mold and bacteria from appearing. It’s also a pretty noisy humidifier, which is fine in the office as we can drown out the noise with music, but if you want to put it on its higher settings at home then you will definitely notice the noise of it.

The Verdict
Considering its size and price, the AIRCARE® Decor Series 12 Gallon EA1201 Console Humidifier packs a punch. As it is compact, it is easy to find a place for in your home and will effectively humidify with its 12 gallon output.

Unfortunately, it is kind of noisy and the fact you have to clean it so frequently make it noticeably worse than some of the other humidifiers on the market.

If you are looking for an affordable unit that does the job of humidifying your home reliably, however, you could do worse than take a good look at this model. Recommended.