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Crane Animal Humidifiers

March 8, 2016 • By

If you’re looking for a humidifier for your child’s room, this adorable range of humidifiers will excite and delight your child. Coming in a range of different shapes, including animals such as pandas, pigs, dragons, tigers, frogs, penguins and elephants, these humidifiers are designed specifically with your child in mind.

Allowing your child to get a good night’s sleep is essential for both you and them. These disguised humidifiers will help comfort your child through the night and ease their cold symptoms, dry throats, dry skin and more. These aren’t the most powerful humidifiers on the market, nor the most sophisticated, but for peace of mind and a healthy child, they do a great job.

The Basics
The Crane Animal Humidifiers range offers several different animals. You can choose from a pig, a dragon, a panda, an elephant, a penguin, a tiger and a frog, so whatever your child’s favorite animal happens to be, you can probably find a shape that will suit them. The mist is emitted from the animal’s ears. These humidifiers are ultrasonic, which means they use a vibrating plate that runs at a high frequency and breaks the water in the tank to vapor. Unlike other types of humidifiers, this process is virtually silent and so your child will have no trouble sleeping through the night. It also means that, unlike warm mist humidifiers, there are not any health and safety issues related to boiling water or burns.

These humidifiers come with a 1 gallon tank that offer a 2.1 gallon output. This makes them suitable for smaller rooms of up to 250 square feet. They also have a demineralization filter cartridge that helps to reduce white dust, which can be bothersome for both adults and children.

The real plus points of these humidifiers are that they cater to the needs of children. Their simple, safe design is perfect for a child’s room. They’re quick and easy to set up and very easy to adjust using the big knob at the front of the unit. These humidifiers can usually run for around 12 hours and feature an auto off function so you don’t have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to refill it.

Obviously if you are looking for a humidifier for a larger room or a main living space this is not the humidifier for you as it’s not powerful nor sophisticated. Indeed, you should be sure not to set the humidifier to emit too much humidity because without an internal humidistat it cannot control the level of humidity in the room. Too much humidity is also a bad thing, so be sure to keep your eye on it.

The Verdict
Perfect for a child, this humidifier scores high on price, reliability, design and ease of use. It’s obviously not one for a large space or if you want to spruce up your room’s design with a sophisticated humidifier, but if you want to ensure your child has a good night’s sleep this will be the humidifier for you.

For many children, dry air can be a problem, especially during winter months, and so the purchase of a child-friendly humidifier is a great idea to ease some of the symptoms that children can suffer from during winter.